The Venus Factor Review System

There is no bigger business market that has the kind of money and the number of products being sold like the health and fitness industry. It would seem that every time product developers blink, they come up with a new secret ingredient for weight-loss. Every product that comes into the market claims to be the ultimate answer to your individual needs. What a lot of adverts on weight-loss products fail to explain is what would you need to eat and how much exercise can help accelerate your weight-loss regimen. Those that do, have it in small print and, you are left to figure it out on your own.

Obesity is a pandemic that has plagued both the United States and many other countries in the world. We need to be realistic about weight loss and not wait for a magic pill. We need to be realistic about weight-loss and acknowledge that the idea that every plan will fit everyone who has a weight issue. The Venus Factor is the the one program that approaches the problem acknowledging that although some ingredients might have certain effects on a person’s body, there is no one “magic” ingredient that works for all. The Venus Factor is a weight-loss program designed specifically for women because men and women’s bodies are different. Men, lose weight much easier than women because they are able to gain muscles quicker than women do. This is a crucial distinction in the weight-loss process because when you have more muscles than fat, you will burn off more calories as you work those muscles out.

What makes the Venus Factor special

A good weight loss program is very valuable if it’s designed and prepared in a proper way without compromising in the meals and nutrients needed by the human body on an usual basis. Too much of something is not great, it’s said, so same goes for the weight loss programs also. You can find a few actual fat reduction programs actually made for the benefit of individuals. But, if people don’t stick to the exact same regimen then they return to square one from where they began. So right nutrients together with right sort of exercise, is acutely essential for weight loss and also maintaining the new weight achieved, through these programs.

The Venus Factor weight loss program was devised by John Barban, a well know health and fitness guru who has studied exercise and human physiology. Barban has dedicated most of his life to learning about the complexities of the human body and applying the knowledge he has in his training regimen for athletes. Barban has been in the sports and dietary supplements industries for years and in those years he came to understand that the blanket approach applied by most trainers to get their clients into shape does not always work, because men and women are physiologically different. Barban introduces us to to Leptin, a protein hormone that regulates energy intake and regulates how the body expends energy. It is a hormone that is produced by our bodies and affects metabolism and appetite. Leptin is not a new discovery, most scientists have known about it since Jeffrey Friedman came upon it in 1994. Very few weight-loss programs bring Leptin into the picture because most of them encourage you to look outside the body for a solution to your weight-loss problems. If you knew that your own body had the key to resolving the your problems with obesity, wouldn’t you be more interesting in finding out how to reach this key and use it? If scientist have known about Leptin for so long and had not made a lot of noise about it all this why doesn’t it make you wonder what else would they be hiding or keeping to themselves?

If you conducted an internet search of Venus Factor reviews you will find references to Leptin but most of these reviews do not explain here leptin comes from and why it is a major point in Barban’s program. White adipose tissue is the main source of leptin but women have the advantage over men in that leptin is also produced by the ovaries, mammary glands and placenta. If we have this wonderful protein hormone, why is it still so hard to lose weight? The Venus Factor program provides the answer to that question and shows you how you can maximize your results with the correct diet and exercise.

Why Should I Buy The Venus Factor program?

1.) Barban’s Venus Factor takes into account a lot of what most programs fail to do: That women and men are different. They have different physical compositions and their metabolic factors are different too.

2.) This program does not promise a miraculous weight-loss Barban emphasize the importance the correct nutrition and exercise regimen.

3.) It is a simple program to follow, the terms used are easy to understand. It is a program that is easy to follow by yourself in the comfort of your own home without. You do not need any special equipment.

4.) It has been described by some as a “movement” with an online community of people on the same journey who share experiences, tricks and tips. These people are a great source of support and inspiration. You will find comfort in knowing that you are not alone, that there are people who faced the same problems you face and have managed to overcome them.

5.) There is a dieting plan included in the program.The Venus Factor has an app that allows you to calculate daily requirements that will help you attain your individual goals. This is a program can change your way of living for the better and increase your fitness levels for a long time.

The Venus Factor is not a fad, it requires effort for you to accomplish your weight-loss goals. This is not a simple 30 day plan but a plan that will take time and effort. The system will give you the tools to create your ideal body and the results will not go unnoticed. You will not only lose weight but you will have a toned body if you stick to the instructions. The Venus Factor System is backed by Barban himself, he offers a full refund to anyone who for whatever reason is not satisfied with the product.

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